Monday, 27 April 2009

Before the flood

I'm excited already:

>>A sold-out audience from nearly 40 countries has gathered in Monaco for the first-ever Nokia Developer Summit. The event includes keynote addresses by visionaries from Nokia, Symbian Foundation, MySpace, and IDC.

It's the Symbian aspect that brings Sammi here, but any gathering of mobile developers is an opportunity to meet and talk and introduce people to what we are up to.

The weather so far is a disaster (sorry - I'm English, I have to talk about the weather!). Coming in from the Italian side the rivers are overflowing, with landslips and flooding on the roads and water sluicing off the hills. Not good.

But while we wait for the fun to start, the other hot topic must be the interesting numbers on the A**** A** store phenomenon - see, linked from the always excellent Guardian games blog. Casual games account for around half the downloads on the platform-we-shall-not-name.

The billion dollar question has to be, why no goldrush on S60? Developers, tell us your story!

And if you want to meet up, post comments to the blog.

-- Ben.

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